Recreational Swim Lessons

Kids Swimming Lessons

(Ages 4+)

Kids Swimming Lessons and Swim Safety Program

Many parents ask us, “When can my child start real swimming lessons?” At our center, we prioritize drowning prevention, but we also delight in developing skills that extend beyond basic self-rescue capabilities.

Children 4+ who cannot swim and/or self-rescue independently will complete the 4-6 week ISR program before beginning to learn advanced skills.

The ISR swim-float-swim sequence starts by teaching breath control and the essential skills to turn around in the water to grasp the pool’s edge securely. They will master the correct swimming posture and movement through the water, the vital rollback-to-float technique to find their air, and how to rotate back to a face-down position to resume swimming. This sequence is repeated as needed until they reach safety. 

Once children can demonstrate self rescue they move on to learn recreation swimming and more advanced skills such as: diving for toys, stroke development, and building endurance. These activities are only introduced once the child has mastered age-appropriate swimming skills and is proficient in self-rescue techniques.

We encourage children to continue learning these skills within maintenance swimming lessons until they are ready to transition to a swim team. This ongoing practice reinforces their skills and prepares them for more advanced swimming challenges. Maintenance lessons can be as little as twice a month, or as frequent as 1-2 times per week. 

Learn more about why we teach ISR here.


  • 4-6 week ISR Self Rescue and swim fundamentals program
  • Daily 10 minute lessons (Monday-Friday)




Class Structure

Each student is taught one-on-one by your Certified ISR instructor. Each lesson is individualized to the child’s needs and abilities and each child is safely guided through the learning process (no child is ever thrown into the pool). Parents are not required to be in the water during the lesson.

​After going through our kid’s swimming lessons your child will have an excellent swimming foundation. We aim to help your little ones become competent, happy swimmers who can enjoy water safely! 

Class Schedule

Because consistency and repetition are necessary components of learning for infants and young children students attend a one-on-one, 10-minute daily lesson, Monday through Friday, for approximately 6 weeks.

Though the lesson length may seem short, most of us know children who do not spend more than 10 minutes focused on any one activity. Research shows that this 10-minute window of learning provides the safest, most effective lesson possible for infants and young children. Daily consecutive attendance is critical to acquiring ISR Self-Rescue® skills.

Lesson Fees

Tuition is due weekly and is based on the host pool location:

Draper Location: $150 per child per week

Park City Location: $225 per child per week

Salt Lake City Location: $185 per child per week.

The weekly lesson fee is paid each Friday for the following week. 

We offer first responder, active military, and need-based scholarships! Contact us to learn more.

ISR with Cheri was such a wonderful experience. She is extremely patient and kind, not only with my children but with every child she works with. She truly loves what she does, which is evident through her constant positivity & the rapport she establishes with each child. My husband & I are so proud that our children are able to self-rescue & take every opportunity to brag on them & share the amazing videos from class! We look forward to our refresher classes & recommend using Cheri for swimming survival lessons, hands down! Thank you, Cheri!