1. Tragedies Should Be Prevented

Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children between the age of 1 and 4 in the United States.


2. ISR Swim Instruction Saves Lives

To date, ISR has OVER 800 documented cases of children using ISR Self-Rescue techniques to save themselves from drowning.


3. Parents Need Their Children To Be Skilled

Many children live or vacation frequently near pools and open bodies of water. For these families, it is essential that their children learn swimming and aquatic survival skills at a very young age.


4. Your Child Can Do This

The ISR instructor teaches the verbal and non-verbal young child or infant how to successfully float and swim in the water through extensive training in sensory-motor learning and operant conditioning. Your child also learns aquatic problem-solving survival skills in order to effectively cope with many possible water emergency scenarios. Just watch them!


5. ISR Is The First And Only National Program Teaching Comprehensive Survival Swimming

Infant Swimming Resource teaches infants and toddlers aged 6 months to 6 years to float and/or swim independently, without the assistance of parents or flotation devices, even before youngsters can walk and talk.


6. The ISR Program Is A Great Precursor To Other Aquatic Programs

Students have a solid foundation of good breath control, head, and body posture, and swim movement for when they reach the age for stroke work and rotary breathing. And because the little ones are competent, happy swimmers, families enjoy being in the water together.


7. ISR Instruction Fosters Better Family Aquatic Safety

Statistics show ISR students are less likely to fall in the water and their parents actually exercise more vigilance with their children around water than those who have not gone through the program.


8. The ISR Program Is Exceptionally Safe And Effective

With more than 8 million lessons, no infant or child has been injured during a lesson.


9. Your Young Child Benefits Long Term

Competence begets confidence in the water; success breeds higher self-esteem. ISR instruction builds the foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the water. ​


10. The Sooner, The Safer

With ISR Self-Rescue® as an option, why choose anything else? Your child could swim…just watch them!