After becoming skilled in ISR Self-Rescue®, some parents and their children opt to continue lessons to maintain and practice their skills and simply because they love swimming! It is up to each individual family how they choose to protect their investment. Our recommendation is always twice a month to start if you desire to maintain your child’s skills, OR 1-2 times per week if you’d like to build on your child’s skills. If more are necessary, we can easily add them. If we find twice a month is more than enough, we can always adjust.

Refresher Lessons with ISR Kentucky Aquatics


In subsequent seasons, it is recommended that students who have not kept up with maintenance lessons or who have hit several developmental milestones, enroll in refresher lessons. Refresher instruction will sharpen and refine skills for each child and reacclimate them to skills learned when their body was smaller and in a different stage of development. These lessons will also make sure your child is ready for the current summer season. The lessons last 2 weeks.

Between the ages of five and seven, students often move on to aquatic programs which teach side breathing and the traditional swimming strokes.


  • ISR National Registration Update Fee (non-refundable): $35 per child
  • Refresher Session (2 weeks): $150 per child/per week for our Draper location, $225 per child/per week for our Park City location.
  • Maintenance Lessons: $30 per lesson for draper, $42 per lesson for Park City

​The ISR program consists of a 10-minute lesson time slot per day, 5 consecutive days a week. The weekly lesson fee is paid each Friday for the following week. You are paying for a time slot for your child and there is no credit given for student absence or cancellation, with the exception of two free sick days. Credit for lessons canceled by the instructor due to weather or other factors will be credited to the students for the following week’s lessons.